Books by Brittany Long Olsen

Are You My Mother?


One girl travels the world in search of the mother she never knew. With nothing but a backpack and a snake for a travel companion, she sets off on an adventure to find her mother and, hopefully, find herself. This comic explores imagery of the divine feminine from around the globe.

Scousers, Sweets, and Separate Taps: Our Year in England


When the Olsens considered moving from the United States to the UK for a year of grad school, they thought it would be easy. Sure, England would be rainy, but they’d get to live in a foreign country without learning a new language, and they’d get free health care and lots of shepherds pie. Boy, were they naive! This comic book covers all the adventures of moving to an unfamiliar country, from the rocky beginnings of learning how to use different plumbing to the joys of trying every new food and making friends.

Magic in the Valley: The Story of Moira Green, Witch


When Moira Green leaves home to become an apprentice witch, her expectations are high. However, her new mentor, Granny Smoot, is the exact opposite of what Moira expects. The elderly witch is old fashioned, making simple remedies one at a time out of her tiny home in the woods and rejecting Moira’s attempts to modernize the apothecary. Convinced that there’s a better way to be a witch and gain the villagers’ respect, Moira wants to strike out on her own. She yearns to use spells and dazzle customers, but when a life-or-death situation is at her doorstep, Moira will discover the type of magic that truly helps others.

D Is For Dragon Coloring Book


Featuring interactive questions to inspire the imagination like the original picture book, D Is For Dragon Coloring Book helps kids learn letters A to Z as they color in drawings of legendary and fantastic beasts.

D Is For Dragon: An ABC Book of Magical Creatures


Explore a world full of magical creatures from A to Z. Featuring 26 colorful illustrations, this book about legendary and fantastic beasts has interactive questions to help children discover more about colors, numbers, and sounds.

Comic Diaries Volume 2


It's your typical romance: Boy meets girl. Boy proposes to girl. Girl tries not to turn into bridezilla while planning their wedding, trying to get boy to like her vegan cooking, and publishing her first book. In this second Comic Diaries collection, charming slice-of-life cartoons offer a closer look at young love and how to have as much fun on as little money as possible.

Comic Diaries Volume 1


Introvert. Big sister. Cartoonist. Months after Brittany Long Olsen returned from a year abroad in Japan, she was living at home, working a boring desk job, and being pressured to throw herself into the dating scene. An unexpected move to Utah led to grad school, roommates, some crazy adventures with her best friend, a lot of pizza, and all the ups and downs of being a young adult. All the while, she was drawing a comic journal page every day. Comic Diaries Volume 1 collects one year of her best slice-of-life cartoons about humor, family, faith, and love.

DENDO: One Year and One Half in Tokyo


“Dendo” is the Japanese word for “missionary work.” This daily journal of an LDS sister missionary in Tokyo, Japan, was kept entirely in comic pages. Sister Long spent 18 months teaching and serving among some of the most amazing people in the world, but it wasn't always easy. Read the story of her service teaching English, helping people follow Jesus Christ, and making some of the best friends of her life.

Illustrated by Brittany Long Olsen

The Barn Door at Christmas


In this picture book, a father tries to get his five kids to stay in bed on Christmas Eve. (Written by Larry K Long)

Walter V. Long: Pioneer Educator


This picture book covers Walter V. Long's childhood in Nevada to his decades as a principal at Las Vegas High School. (Written by Tracey Long)